MAV100 is pleased to present the School Stake Pool Incubator program. Our goal is to begin building organic stake pool rewards throughout student communities immediately, as well as satisfy our goal of improving decentralization.

First talented and knowledgable Stake Pool Operators will create stake pools dedicated to a student stake pool alliance.  MAV100 will fund all equipment and reward the operator with Seed Round benefits and a fee in ADA.  This will begin the process of building up ADA rewards for students within the alliance. 

Next that operator will be matched with Telenet Club representatives who wish to run the stake pool for their community, and they will enter a mentorship period setting up the node.  Upon completion of the new nodes location both mentor and Telenet Club representative will be rewarded with an ADA bonus as well as whitelist opportunities for the appropriate stake pool alliance. 

If you are an interersted stake pool operator, or have a Telenet Club that you wish to run a node for, just fill out the form below.

Please indicate your interest as either a Stake Pool Operator or a Telenet Club representative.  We will contact you shortly with access to the appropriate Discord landing page where we can begin the process.

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